dc85xkGBi – full function  goodcheck – Partial function  latest – not available in this version
 OEZ – On Entering Zone  OLZ – On Leaving Zone  Email – using user email  txt – using standard txt

 OEZ, change ring tone   dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi
 OLZ, change ring tone to  original  goodcheck  goodcheck
 OEZ, change wallpaper  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi
 OLZ, return wallpaper to  original  goodcheck  goodcheck
 OEZ, screen warning  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi
 OLZ, screen warning  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi
 OEZ, warning tone  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi
 OLZ, warning tone  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi
 OEZ, Additional Zones  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi
 OLZ, Additional zones  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi
 Additional Languages  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi
 OEZ, Zone size change  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi
 OLZ,  Zone size change  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi  dc85xkGBi


Available in Google Playstore and IOS App Store. Windows mobile App is coming soon link to Facebook and Twitter for release date.


Our press room online facility provides assistance to the media in understanding the latest developments in the GeoChageIt range of Apps and we encourage all press officers to visit and link to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for instant updates

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About GeoChangeIt

GeoChangeIt is an application which allows you to customise your smartphone device ringtone and wallpaper based on your location by creating a zone. Once you have created a zone, the app runs in the background and continuously checks the location of the device using the devices GPS. In its self it does not connect to the web or uses any band width. As soon as the device enters the set zone, it changes the wallpaper and or the ringtone of the device to the set wallpaper and ringtone added and set up at the time of zone creation on the App.

Note : The wallpaper and Ringtone feature is only available in Android versions whereas in iOS due to legal restrictions it will notify the user using push notification as soon as the device enters or leaves the zone.



What is a Zone?

A Zone is the location as set by the user within the App. It also requires the user to set the size or diameter of the zone during its setup. The zone is set by using the included map facility or by entering any location co-ordinates. For e.g., A zone which can be named within the App say one we will call “home” with a set range of 10m can be initiated by just opening the App at home and confirming the drop pin within the map.


How to add a Zone ?

To create a Zone, make sure that your Location service is turned on. Then follow the steps below

  • Click on the Marker on the Map (Bottom Left corner) to get the co-ordinates of the current location.
  • Enter the desired zone “name”.
  • Select your desired “Wallpaper”.
  • Select your desired “Ringtone”.
  • Select the desired “size” of the Zone.

Finally Click on “Next” in the top right corner to create a Zone.


How to edit a Zone ?

To edit a Zone, make sure that your Location service is turned on. You change the location for the created zone rather than you can modify the other parameters

  • Click on the “Edit” button on the top left corner from the Zone list Page.
  • Select the Zone you want to edit from the drop-down on the top.
  • Change your Wallpaper, Ringtone, Range.

Finally Click on “Update” in the top right corner to save your settings. IF you do not like your changes Click on “Back” at the top right Corner and it will revert back all the recent changes.


Does GeoChangeIt uses Mobile Data or causes Data Charges ?

No! The app does not uses the mobile network data at all. The location is fetched from the GPS which is automatically received by the phone and rest of the operation does not require mobile network data for execution. So there is no threat from network data usage nor cost. Very few devices provide functionality to obtain the location details over Wifi or network data in that case Data charges may apply please confirm with your carrier or provider.


1. Zone List 4. Create Zone 2. Edit ZOne 3. FAQ



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